So what is Billy Bones Club?
“In a marketplace saturated with bad boy surf brands and bikini clad instagrams, the club started as a place for those of us who really can’t skate for shit, but still do it cos’ it’s fucking cool. A place for those of us who love music, festivals, late nights, kick ons, mates, art, skating, surfing, bad tatts, good Mexican and everything in between. A place for those of us who don’t look quite like the people in our favorite photos, but feel twice as good.
A place for those of us who don’t care”.
Born out of frustration at the lack of decent fitting and affordable headwear in Melbourne, the ideas and values underpinning BBC came to fruition through the small scale production of beanies by a few people for a small audience of close friends. Today, the club has grown to aim to produce quality, detailed and affordable headwear for the good people of Oz and abroad.
We thank you for your continued support, and if you haven’t already, chuck on a BBC piece and join the club with the rest of us.
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