Rebel Clean Skin Starter Pack - Black Betty Fedora and The Skipper Hat

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The ultimate way to join the Billy Bones Club and The Rebel Clean Skins.

Enjoy $15 OFF when you order the Rebel Clean Skin pack and get the ultimate combo - The Black Betty Fedora and The Skipper Hat.

For those who don't give a fuck, do things your own way and join the club today!

B L A C K   B E T T Y   F E D O R A

It’s straight forward, it’s functional, its not trying to be anything you’re not, the Black Betty Fedora is the peoples hat. Wear it simple, wear it proud, wear you.  


  • 58cm fit
  • 5cm brim
  • 12cm crown


  • Cotton Inner brand
  • 100% wool felt
  • Leather crown wrap

T H E  S K I P P E R  C A P T A I N   H A T

Velvet black. Because sometimes you do need to bring a gun to a knife fight.


  • S/M – 55-56cm
  • L/XL – 57-59cm


  • Leather crown strap
  • Stitched Billy ‘B’ Bone logo insignia
  • Velvet exterior
  • Quilt patch interior